The No. 1 New Years Resolution – Lose Weight


A guest post from our friends at Sport&Health Club


Many individuals resort to the same New Year’s Resolution year after year, to lose weight.

This year, Mitch Batkin, Sport&Health Clubs, Senior Vice President of Fitness, offers the following points that can make sticking to resolutions a breeze:

  • Start today. With the right tools and a little discipline, it is possible to enjoy all foods and stay fit.
  • Find support from a trainer or join a group exercise class. Your success rate increases dramatically with support from others instead of trying to do it alone.
  • Enjoy a healthy snack before a big meal. A cup full of carrot sticks, an apple or a handful of pretzels can be just what you need to curb the appetite, leaving less room for high-fat foods.
  • Eat freely in moderation. Sample the tempting foods on the table, but in small portions. Load up the rest of your plate with vegetables and fruits.
  • Stay active. Perform at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. Most fitness experts agree that accumulating about 3 hours of exercise each week, half of cardiovascular conditioning and half of resistance type exercise is best to make significant improvements in your health.
  • Beware of liquid calories. Steer clear of large amounts of alcohol or soda, which will provide little more than empty calories.
  • Drink lots of water. Not only is it important for helping you stay hydrated, it also helps you feel full.
  • Eat only when hungry. Many people eat just because food is in front of them. Pause for a moment before that second or third helping and consider whether you truly feel full.

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