10 Tips for Summer Sips

Is it warm enough for you yet? During these super-hot days, it’s really important to keep hydration in mind. While a good old glass of  water is the best and most affordable option for hydration, sometimes you want something more flavorful and fun. Here are 10 ways to fill up on fluids that go beyond the tap!

10 Tips for Summer Sips

  1. Add flavor naturally  Make your humble glass of water just a bit more refreshing by adding lemon, lime, cucumber, mint or a splash of 100% fruit juice. You can also freeze extra slices of citrus and drop them right into your drink instead of ice cubes!
  2. Choose sparkling water — When you are bored of plain water, try a sparkling option like Italian Sparkling Mineral Water or flavored, unsweetened options like LaCroix. Sometimes bubbles are just enough make you feel like your glass of water is more of a treat. To take your sparkling drink to the next level, try out this Blueberry Summer Refresher with oranges, blueberries and mint – yum!
  3. Brew your own iced tea — Iced tea is a great no-calorie beverage to have on hand in the summer. Just pour boiling water over 2 or 3 tea bags in a large pitcher, then refrigerate after it brews to your desired strength. Toss in fresh fresh fruit, fresh ginger or a stalk of mint to add some interest like we did in this recipe for Honeydew Green Tea.
  4. Coconut or Watermelon Water — These natural fruit drinks are a great alternative to juice. Coconut Water and Watermelon Water both have less than half the sugar of a traditional fruit juice like apple. Plus, they have naturally occurring electrolytes which are just what your body needs in the summer heat. Try 100% fresh pressed options like Harmless Harvest Coconut Water and WTRMLN WTR brand Watermelon Water (pictured above).
  5. Make cold brew coffee — I love smooth tasting cold brew over ice in the morning. Have you ever made it yourself? Here’s the shockingly easy recipe.
  6. Make lemonade or limeade — Nothing says summer like lemonade, so make your own high quality version where you can control the sugar level and type of sweetener. For an even lower sugar option, replace some of your sweetener with stevia extract. I think fresh squeezed juice provides the best flavor, but bottled 100% juice is the ultimate shortcut in this quick recipe for lemonade or limeade.
  7. Electrolyte Water Electrolytes help your body recover after you get dehydrated from exercise or the hot sun. 365 Everyday Value Electrolyte Water is deionized water with added electrolytes which support optimum hydration. It’s a low-priced, simple, zero-calorie refreshment option.
  8. Have a spritzer  Mixing alcohol and summer heat can be a dangerous combo so support hydration and pace yourself by adding a little sparkling water to your wine. This refreshing Wine Tea Punch with Summer Fruit that features fresh cherry and metabolism supporting green tea is a perfectly healthy drink to celebrate with this summer.
  9. Ice, ice baby! Freeze leftover coffee, tea or juice in ice cube trays. Drop these cubes into your iced coffee, tea or other favorite beverage to keep it icy cold without watering it down.
  10. Make a hyrdrating meal  You can fend off dehydration with the meals you choose too. Fresh fruit, salads, and summer soup like this Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho fill you up and hydrate you at the same time!

Cheers to a healthy summer!