Here at Whole Foods Market we are committed to helping you eat healthy your way. Whether you’re taking that first step toward a complete health overhaul or just trying to get quick, nutritious meals on the table tonight… we’re here to support you!


Kathleen Wood

Kathleen Wood is our Healthy Eating Expert and she makes eating healthy eating easy and delicious! Kathleen leads the Healthy Eating Program at Whole Foods Market, for the Mid-Atlantic region. She graduated from Dickinson College and then did a Master’s degree in Public Health at Boston University where she focused on nutrition and theories of health behavior change. She also completed a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.

Kathleen writes the posts you’ll find here offering you seasonal tips and recipes. If you have specific food or nutrition questions feel free to email her!

Visit the Healthy Eating website to find out more about Healthy Eating at Whole Foods Market.